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Holding Absence - Noble Art of Self Destruction (White, Gold, Blue Vinyl)

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Noble Art Of Self Destruction White/Gold

Holding Absence

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From the moment of our first breath to the very last gasp we take before we die, we never stop growing as people. Every trial and tribulation, every heartbreak, success and failure, every scar, blemish and wrinkle is another brushstroke illuminating our life's unique canvas. As Holding Absence frontman Lucas Woodland sings on "The Angel in the Marble," the closing track on his band's outstanding third album The Noble Art of Self-Destruction, we are "a puzzle, a painting, a work of art in the making." Holding Absence's new album is a testament to how our life's story is never fully told, with opportunities for change and growth found in every moment, from the depths of despair to the euphoria of our greatest loves. Whether adding flourishes of colour to an already picturesque painting, or chiselling away at the marble to reveal the beauty within, The Noble Art of Self-Destruction speaks to how we are each an unfinished work of art with new meanings and qualities waiting to be discovered