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A Light Divided Cut Through the 'Radio Silence'

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Winston-Salem hard rock outfit A Light Divided are back with an electrifying new single "Radio Silence." The track seamlessly blends heavy riffs, electronic breaks and arena-ready hooks while tackling themes of being heard in a world full of noise.

"In a broader sense, 'Radio Silence' is about the feeling of trying to break through the static and have your voice be heard," explains vocalist Jaycee Clark. "Whether it be in a relationship, or professionally, or a million other situations, I think we’ve all experienced the frustration of feeling that disconnection."

"Radio Silence" could also be seen through the lens of a band's frustration with current events. 2020 was shaping up to be another year on the grind for A Light Divided; kicking off with a January tour supporting Awake At Last fresh off their run on the Octane Accelerator Tour, then everything came to a full and sudden halt with Covid-19.

"For me personally, that’s what it feels like to be in an independent touring band trying to reach that next level," explains Clark, "You’re out there trying to make all this noise and sometimes, it can feel like you’re invisible." Since touring was off the table, the band decided to keep pushing forward anyway they could. They re-entered the studio earlier this year to start working on new music and prepare for better days ahead.


Listen to the single "Radio Silence" now on Spotify.



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