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A LITTLE OFF Fills The Voids Missing in Alternative & Punk with EP 'Symptomatic'

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Recap by Sarah Tijan



A LITTLE OFF Fills The Voids Missing in Alternative & Punk with EP 'Symptomatic' 

Hailing from the mile-high city of Denver, Colorado, A LITTLE OFF released their 5-track EP SYMPTOMATIC; a well put together fusion of punk and alternative rock, on October 17, 2020. SYMPTOMATIC is a blend of old school punk mixed with grunge, and then melted with alternative and progressive rock, providing us with a 5-track EP that has a sound built for everyone.

A LITTLE OFF clearly knew what they wanted to create as there is no denying they are here to make a name for themselves, and create a sound that sets them apart from others. They absolutely did exactly this, and then some, with this EP. Each song takes a different avenue than the prior, giving you a wide variety of sound, and fills a void that we didn’t know was missing when it comes to new music. 

We look forward to hearing more from A LITTLE OFF in the future, as they have been busy shooting music videos, and are ready to drop new music for the world very soon! 



Erik Livesay - Vocals, Guitar

Heath Milton - Guitar
BJ O’kane - Vocals, Bass
Seth Bennett - Drums


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