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Aaron Carter at Cone Denim Entertainment Center — Greensboro, NC

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This concert review originally appeared on Degenrefy.com written by Ash Starkweather

It was frigid in Greensboro, but that could not put the brakes on Aaron’s Party at Cone Denim Entertainment Center. Long time fans of Aaron Carter braved the wind and cold to spend a night basking in the glow of their adolescent crush. The crowd poured in to get their party on, and here’s what we saw.

The night started off with Bounce [★★], a local band. They had some good energy and engaged the crowd while covering popular songs including Taylor Swifts “Shake It Off” and Kenny Loggin’s “Footloose.” Unfortunately this is all the band had to offer, and after thirty minutes of cover songs it started to become old. They continued on for 90 minutes, and the majority of the songs they played were 80s covers.

After a 30 minute set change, Lineup Atlantic [★★★], a duo consisting of a drummer and guitarist, took the stage. They started with a promising drum solo and also did a few cover songs including Maroon 5’s “Animals,” and Fall Out Boy’s “Dance Dance.” They had a short set and finished off with their latest single, “Keep on Keeping On.” This was a step up from the previous act.

After another 30 minute set change, the crowd was anxious and started chanting “I want Aaron” (to the tune of his “I Want Candy” cover). Finally Aaron Carter [★★★] took the stage, and the once bright lights harshened to reds as he launched into some hip-hop. He performed solo with accompaniment from backing tracks and some company from a female dancer during his set. Aaron continued to play a number of his new songs with a more hip-hop feel to them before he broke into the long awaited cover of “I Want Candy,” and the crowd erupted and sang along with him. He followed that up with “Aaron’s Party” as his set came to a close. The crowd, only having heard two of his adolescent hits, cheered for an encore. Aaron came back out to perform “That’s How I Beat Shaq.”

Ultimately, this show was a disappointment. The first two acts lacked originality and overwhelmed the audience in cover songs, some of which were not audience appropriate (i.e., too many 80’s songs). Aaron has not been relevant for a decade, but a full band, or at least a DJ to back him up and mix things up would have been nice.




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