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Album Review: LOLA MONTEZ Tear Down the House with 'Dissonant Dreams'

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Recap by Sarah Tijan


Album Review: LOLA MONTEZ 'Dissonant Dreams' 


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 is a Nashville based band, whose members are no stranger to releasing music, or talent. Their creativity is overflowing from their latest album Dissonant Dreams, from start to finish, this album does not disappoint.  

Each member of the band has a hand in creating each track on the 10-track album, and all share input on how to make each song fit on the album, which shows with the diversity and uniqueness that is LOLA MONTEZ 

Dissonant Dreams is the bands second release, another quality album that stands out on its own, unable to be put into one genre or idea of what music should sound like. You have Igna on vocals, a wide range with her voice and having a great vocal understanding that on one track can sound like her heart is breaking or beyond repair, to the next where you think you are the next on her bad list, a list you are not sure you want to be on, or maybe you do?  

This album is stronger on the guitar aspect, and vocals are on point. Not one song on the album is a disappointment, and I find myself wanting to hear more and more from them every time Ive listened to the album.  

If you are familiar with Inga Ruden, and previous bands that she was part of, 
LOLA MONTEZ is nothing like that, the style is vast and talent is on point. I think “oh this would fit in this genre of music” but soon decide it can't fit into one style. It’s a diverse album, and creatively above rest when it comes to rock music. If I had to truly compare it to a style, its hard rock with a piece of the 80s British invasion added in. If I were to sit and think for more than a few minutes, I could come up with many other comparisons, but that’s not what I am here for.   

LOLA MONTEZ could easily focus on the vocals, but the whole album is the band, proves rock bands are still around and still making great music. Each musician in the band can be heard, their voice is heard through each track on the album, it's difficult for me to pick a favorite track, when I truly enjoy each and every one. 


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