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Release New

Self-Titled Album

Out Now via Hopeless Records 

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Neck Deep has been a pop punk cult favorite for the last decade. We have all loved Ben Barlow’s angsty vocals and their poppy guitar, fast drum forward sound. Their songs are pop punk listeners favorite topics: break-ups, being a let down, society sucking, and a dash of UFO fun!

This new Self-Titled album feels like the band is trying to circle back to their roots, which we couldn’t be happier for! Releasing albums late on anyone’s career can be dicey but this was a winner and it’s probably shameful to admit how many times this album has been replayed in the car (already)!

It was genius for the band to release “Heartbreak Of The Century” on Valentine’s Day (2023), especially with such an addicting chorus (and a hilarious music video too). This single had everyone buzzing and wondering what the new album would really sound like!

Being a part of the “Elder Emo” generation with a daughter who is a carbon copy of me, “They Might Not Mean To (But They Do)” hit home and is a reminder why we all fell in love with Neck Deep in the first place!

“Moody Weirdo” is one of the best songs on this album. It’s oddly motivational, in its own pop punk way with another super catchy chorus! This song is easy to connect to and never get sick of!


Overall, this album feels like a more authentic Neck Deep. An album that they could take time on, have fun with, and remember what they love about making music! It would defiantly be hard to find a pop punk fan who didn’t enjoy listening to these tracks!


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Tahesion Goodrich-2024


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