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FOES set to realease American Violence EP Out This Month Through Glacier Recordings

Posted by Pop Deflators on

Oregon-based metallic hardcore outfit FOES will release their latest material in the form of the American Violence 10" EP, nearing release through Glacier Recordings in two weeks. A new video for the record's namesake track has been premiered through Decibel Magazine.
Decibel Magazine writes with the video's premiere, "A bass build-up atop police sirens is ominous, but guitar comes in for the same riffs and upends any omen; no, the impact is imminent. Blast beats, muted death metal riffing and anxiety-driving panic chords are all weapons in their arsenal. They're particularly effective because their usage is short, sweet and surprising, seemingly coming out of nowhere. The final breakdown is a punishing haymaker."


Glacier Recordings will release American Violence on 10" vinyl and digital formats on April 17th. Find preorders HERE.
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, FOES has been forced to cancel their West Coast US tour dates which were booked in conjunction with the record's release. New dates will be booked in the months ahead


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