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ARENA Honors Van Halen with 'Dreams' Cover

Posted by Pop Deflators on

Recap by Sarah Tijan


ARENA Honors Van Halen with Dreams Cover


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What makes any rendition of a classic a good cover of a song? Copying the artist, or taking the song and honoring the artist while making it your own? We prefer the latter. ARENA recently covered Van Halen's "Dreams", and it is perfect. You can hear the influence of Van Halen in the playing but they make it their own and create a whole new song from it. A song that could set them apart in the covers game. 

ARENA takes the song and makes it fresh and new. Not usually taking to a cover song, ”Dreams" could change our mind.  We truly enjoyed the refreshing update to this song, and when Sammy Hagar likes it, you have to take a listen for yourself.


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