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How’s it going?

-Everyone: Good! 

You guys just put out a new single, tell us about that! 

-Ben: Tumbleweed? Or is this for…

Nick: Tumbleweed?

Ben: We’re super excited about it. It’s the title track off our new album. It’s the first album we did in a big professional studio. 

Nick: I feel like all of our social media posts have been just like, Tumbleweed, #Tumbleweed, new single Tumbleweed off our new album Tumbleweed, #Tumbleweed. If you didn’t know about it, Tumbleweed is coming out. 

Ben: But yeah, we’re pumped. I think it’s the best thing we’ve put out to date and we’re ready to put it out there, get behind it, and tour. Let people listen to it, finally. 

Nick: Tumbleweed, Tumbleweed, Tumbleweed. 

Can we expect a video any time soon?

Ben: Oh, I don’t know about that. 

Nick: Yeah, but not like a traditional music video. We’ll probably put together spliced clips and stuff, but yeah. 

Anything about the upcoming album? 

Nick: It’s 8 songs that we’ve been performing over the past two years and we recorded it at Echo Mountain Studios in Asheville, North Carolina. I feel like it’s some of our best music that we’ve ever written and recorded. So I think everybody’s really excited about it finally – get it out there into the world and see the response we can get from it – see what people think about it.  

Will it be available on vinyl?

Nick: Yes. But on record store day in April. The vinyl will be a couple months later. 

You guys are on a really long tour right now. Do you plan on going to the west coast? 

Everyone: We just started, yeah. 

Ben: This summer we’ll be on the west coast. 

Nick: We’re doing High Sierra, and kind of routing a California, Midwest, out west tour. That’ll be our first time in California 

Nick: We’re doing some stuff in Wyoming, Idaho, and Colorado. Texas. 

Ben: We’re pretty much going everywhere. 

Doing any festivals this year?

Everyone: Tons, tons. 

Nick: High Sierra, 420 Fest, Floyd Fest, Mountain, and many more. The rest we can’t say.

Ben: Mountain Music Festival, West Virginia. 


Anything else?

Ben: We’re doing our own festival again this year, Big What. It’s in a different location, bigger area, better stage. We’re still working out everything for that. 


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