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BOUNDARIES Share Colossal New Single I’D RATHER NOT SAY, New Album Drops 11/13

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Photo Credit: Errick Easterday
Today, the Connecticut metal group, Boundaries, shared their latest single “I’d Rather Not Say” and the accompanying music video via a premiere with Knotfest. Taken from their debut album, Your Receding Warmth, due out November 13th via Unbeaten Records, the track features some of the most ferocious and jaw-dropping moments on the record. The band builds colossal guitar riffs on top of one another throughout the three-minute run time, complete with explosive drumming and one of Matt McDougal’s most frenzied and aggressive vocal performances yet. Lyrically, the song confronts the fear that love can only be felt once and life is spent chasing the feeling after experiencing it wholly for the first time. Following the widely praised singles “Carve” and “Behind The Bend”, this latest drop marks the final teaser ahead of their highly anticipated album release. Recorded with producer Randy Leboeuf at Graphic Nature Audio, Your Receding Warmth is available to pre-order here ahead of the release next month.



More about Boundaries:
Boundaries have been turning heads since their 2015 formation in central Connecticut. Anchored by a terrifying live set and EPs that have reached the status of ‘underground classic’, the quintet has bubbled just below the surface for the past three years as they laid waste with their concoction of searing riffs, crushing breakdowns, and intimate lyrics delivered with vessel-bursting rage.

While on the rise, Boundaries has toured relentlessly, sharing stages with the likes of The Acacia Strain, Currents, Knocked Loose, and Spite, and truly established their identity with the release of their 2019 EP My Body In Bloom through Unbeaten Records. The tightly knit crew - Matthew McDougal (singer) Zadak Brooks (bass) Cory Emond (guitar) Junior Scarpa (guitar) Tim “cheese” Sullivan (drums) - pull influences from the bands who first inspired their love of heavy music such as Slipknot, Linkin Park, Static X. While those seminal groups might not be heard in the band’s output, the sonic weight of their latest effort is a fitting tribute to these early influences on the band. 

This fall, Boundaries will again partner with Unbeaten Records on their debut full-length, Your Receding Warmth. The record finds the band taking more chances than ever while building upon their inherent ferocity, stories of bleak existence, and the knack for keeping an audience on their toes that has drawn so many people to the band.
1. Is Survived By
2. Fade Away
3. Carve
4. My Strength
5. Get Out
6. Behind the Bend
7. Written and Rephrased 
8. I’d Rather Not Say
9. One Moment From Disaster
10. Your Receding Warmth
11. From the Departed, Dear or Otherwise


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