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Broadside Shares "Heavenly" New Single

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Shares New Single & Music Video
Into The Raging Sea
Out July 24th via SharpTone Records
Preorders Now at http://shrptn.co/broadside
Rock band Broadside is thrilled to share another single from their forthcoming album, Into The Raging Sea. Fans can watch the captivating new music video, "Heavenly," here: https://shrptn.co/heavenlyInto The Raging Sea is set to be released on July 24th via SharpTone Records, and features the previously released "Foolish Believer" and "The Raging Sea." Preorders are available now at http://shrptn.co/broadside.
"'Heavenly' is just a cute song," shares vocalist Ollie Baxxter. "Sonically, it's rooted in our old sound...the one that got us to the place where we are today. It's a love song and an ode to our first single 'Coffee Talk.' Underneath the 'big picture' I try and paint into my lyrics, I'm still just a romantic to the core."
Oliver Baxxter grew up in a trailer park, sharing a room with his mother, stepfather, and brother. When he was 11, his stepdad died, leaving him fatherless for a second time. Even when the family moved into a better home, in Richmond, Virginia, Ollie felt worthless. Fast forward to young adulthood when his band, BROADSIDE, crested on a wave of two well-received pop-punk albums and tours across America and Europe, only to come crashing down with lineup changes and behind-the-scenes frustrations. That familiar feeling of isolation returned. And it lit a fire. 
Songs like "Foolish Believer," the romantic "Breathe You In," angry epic "The Raging Sea," are punchy and diverse, memorable but not pandering. The overall theme is one of perseverance, continued growth, and inevitable renewal. Ollie isn't ashamed to have grown up poor; he'll self-deprecatingly mention his "daddy issues"; and he's a longtime champion of the broken. But BROADSIDE stands for overcoming those things.
"From the very beginning, my attitude was: I don't have shit to look forward to and everything behind me is trash, so I'm going to make myself the hero of my own story," he explains. "I've always known struggle. As I get older, it's more mental than physical, but it's always there."
"I'm going to keep this thing going," he concludes. "And right now, I'm on a high."
Broadside will release their new album Into The Raging Sea on July 24th via SharpTone Records. Starting tomorrow, pre-orders will be available at: http://shrptn.co/broadside.


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