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Cole Crutchfield of Knocked Loose Announces Indie Side Project, Eastwood

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Cole Crutchfield of Knocked Loose
Announces Indie Side Project
Upcoming Album 'It Never Gets Easy' Out September 18
Via Pure Noise Records
Listen to "False Start" and "Two Story Window"
Watch the music video for "False Start"
Cole Crutchfield, who is mostly known for being the guitarist in the hardcore punk band, Knocked Loose, has announced his side project, Eastwood, today. Fans can check out two new songs "False Start" and "Two Story Window", which are taken from the upcoming album 'It Never Gets Easy' out September 18 through Pure Noise Records

Eastwood, which actually began in 2016, is a project that Crutchfield hopes will shake off any pigeonhole people have placed him in because of his hardcore roots. "I think that people might be caught off-guard by this album, and I hope they are, because I want to smash that cliché that if you're into death metal or hardcore you can't play or listen to other kinds of music."

That's exactly what the eleven songs of 'It Never Gets Easy'' do. Written over a four-year time period, the record perfectly illustrates Crutchfield's diverse range of influences, from shoegaze to pop-punk, with even a little bit of country slide guitar thrown in for good measure. But it also serves to show off his talents as a lyricist and a songwriter. For while Eastwood - completed by guitarist Scotty McElwain, bassist Zack Hay and drummer Devin Gnagie - is most definitely a band, these are very much Crutchfield's songs.

While Eastwood has released music before, - 2017's Past Ghost EP, a cover of Weezer's "The World Has Turned And Left Me Here", and an acoustic EP, 'It Never Gets Easy' marks the real beginning of Eastwood, and the first time he's been truly happy with every aspect of the end result.

"This is the first thing we've released that I've been proud to release," he admits. "I also feel way more connected to these songs than anything else I've ever made. It's the most important project I've ever done."


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