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Dead Bundy release worry-free pop punk Anthem "When I'm High"

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when im high

FFO: Sum 41, Mod Sun, blink-182, MGK

Cleveland pop punk unit Dead Bundy has just dropped their newest single “When I'm High." The nihilistic anthem fits perfectly between the new school emo rock of MGK, KennyHoopla, and the timeless pop punk of Blink -182 and Sum 41.

The track’s earnest lyrics come from a place of reflection. “'When I'm High' was written with nostalgic times in mind,” explains vocalist Ricky Alkire. “When we could get hammered with our best friends with no other worries in the world.”

Along with the single, Dead Bundy has also released a music video, shot in the great white tundra that is Cleveland, Ohio. “It was literally 15 degrees in Cleveland when we shot the video," laughs Alkire. “We had to wear morph suits all day - luckily we had our friends there to keep our nuts warm.”

The newly formed trio calls back to a time when music could be irreverent and fun. Equal parts classic pop punk and modern rock, the formula is then infused with a love for the frat boy humor and debauchery of the early 2000's. The end result is a band wholly themselves and leaving behind a trail of piss and vinegar in their wake. Proudly flying their parental advisory sticker, they aim directly at your inner teenager. Offensive? Sometimes. But really they are just here for a good time.

Listen to the single "When I'm High" now on Spotify.


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