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Electrifying Pop-Punk Trio Keep Summer Safe Unleash Music Video For 'Not An Apology'

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Keep Summer Safe Unleash Music Video For ‘Not An Apology’

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Angsty, melodic and fuelled with energy; the best way to describe ‘Not An Apology’, the latest music video from the London based, pop-punk trio Keep Summer Safe. Having now become a fan favourite track from their debut EP ‘Meet Me There’, lead vocalist and guitarist Gian Carlo admits “We really didn’t expect people to connect with the track in quite the way that they have.” He continued to explain “We knew that ‘Not An Apology’ had really strong potential whilst writing it and I guess with hindsight we can see that this track is where we truly discovered our sound.”

Having initially bonded through their shared love of the manga series ‘One Piece’
and naming their band after a ‘Rick and Morty’ reference, the band openly express their love for popular culture. This translated through their debut music video for ‘Nervous’, a video that displays the band's keen innovation and creativity, using a Lego based format to continue to provide their fanbase with content whilst still conforming to the guidelines surrounding COVID-19. “We really had to think outside the box with the Nervous video. But this time we really wanted to make a video that showcased who we are, what we look like and what we do.” It is inarguable that the video achieves this. With their energetic, highly impassioned performances showcasing the core essence of the band “It’s not much of a story driven video, but I think it definitely gives our name some identity and puts a face to it. We're not just Lego!”

The track was incepted organically during a full-band rehearsal. Bass guitarist
Lawrence Murphy brought the chord progression to the rest of the band, who
immediately fell in love with it. However, the band credits their producer Andy Baker with helping them bring the track to life; “It’s always nice to be able to bounce off a producer and get the perspective of someone outside of the band.” In terms of lyric writing, Carlo cites Kurt Cobain as a huge inspiration stating “I’m really inspired by how Kurt Cobain wrote his lyrics. Really just trying to rhyme phrases whilst also getting a message across... it’s not really a topic I can relate to, but it’s definitely something that a lot of people do relate to, so it’s good to be able to amplify their voices.”

With their drive as a band being heavily reinforced by their live show, the current
state of the world has left them hungry to start playing shows again. However, the
skate-punk inspired trio have continued to consistently write throughout the lockdown. Driving themselves to continue their musical growth and development,
aspiring to bring a completely fresh and polished sound to their second EP!

Gian Carlo - (Vocals/ Guitar)
Lawrence Murphy - (Bass/ Backing Vocal)
Aaron Planson - (Drums)




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