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Electro-prog rock duo Skyhaven are back with "43W"

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Electro-Prog Rock Duo Skyhaven Are Back with "43W"


Electro/prog-rock duo Skyhaven will be releasing their new album DRUGLUST on July 31st, but today you can see a music video for the new single "43W." The guitar-heavy track experiments with vocal samples and melodic pop elements, providing a moody soundtrack to the alluring video.


"This was a really special track to us, it was one of the first tracks we ever wrote where we started with vocals," says guitarist Jake Johnston. "We really wanted this song to have a bit of emotion building up to the first chorus, having that chorus hit super hard, and dropping the dynamic off right after. We’ve always really just loved this song from the get go, and we’re so excited to have this be the first song out on the record!"



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