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Gold Steps Drop New Music Video For “Love Song”

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Gold Steps Drop New Music Video For “Love Song”




Rising Milwaukee, WI pop-punk band Gold Steps is excited to release their brand new music video for their song, “Love Song.” The track is featured on the band’s latest EP, That Ain’t It, which was released in October 2022 via Revival Recordings. The music video is available on the Revival Recordings YouTube channel now.



When speaking about the track, vocalist Liz Mauritz stated, "Love Song is about what it feels like to finally meet that person who turns your whole world around, the one whose love feels different from every other relationship you'd had before. It hits you like a brick wall, it's all you can think about, and maybe you even try to talk yourself out of it because it's kind of scary, and you're afraid that it might not work out. I was convinced that the type of romantic love I wanted, the kind you write love songs about, wasn't something I'd ever feel until the right person (Zach) came along and it changed everything. And now we've been married 5 years!"


When it comes to the vision behind the music video, Liz said, "The video was a combination of shots by Richie Gordon while we were in Salt Lake City on tour with SayWeCanFly, and a ton of footage compiled over the whole year of our band hanging out and being on the road. I love that it showcases our personalities and our friendship with each other, which is a whole different kind of love. The experiences you have as a band, as a family, bond you together forever. Not many people can say they're able to combine their romantic and creative loves, and I'm so lucky I get to with Gold Steps."



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