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Helping you cope with "These Days" - Highly Suspect's awaited release of the acoustic song

Posted by Pop Deflators on

Today Highly Suspect releases frontman Johnny Steven's acoustic performance of single "These Days" off of their latest album MCID. This vulnerable, stripped down performance became one of the most engaged with videos of this year's Fader Fort. Highly Suspect fans and supporters, better associated with the meaning behind MCID and dedicated specifically to them - my crew is dope, were adamant that the acoustic version of "These Days" be released widely. 


"These Days" is a commentary on the everyday struggle and stress of life, particularly reflecting and relating to what many are going through right now. The official video, released last month, underscores this theme unfolding in a narrative that’s told through the eyes of an outsider sitting at a middle class American family dinner table. The video stars Tony Cavalero from HBO's Righteous Gems, The Dirt, and School of Rock and was directed by duo Rock and Egg. Check out the official video HERE and the recently released behind the scenes look HERE

Along with this release, Highly Suspect has also launched a secret site where fans can send anonymous complaints about their families or significant other during quarantine. Remember fmylife and mylifeisaverage? Johnny Stevens encourages everyone to let off some steam saying ,"Yo, you guys sick of your families yet?  Hopefully not but JUST IN CASE you need to vent.. feel free to post your secret rant or photo or both and you WILL remain anonymous.. sometimes it’s just good to get shit off your chest so if you gotta let some shit fly, by all means.. vent away and let it out. We love you. WE GON BE ALRIGHT.. all of us. MCID  -j." Post yours now highlysuspect.net/confessional



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