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HOLLYWOOD NIGHTMARE Release "Raw" and "Honest" Track 'SLOW MOTION' via Curtain Call Records

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Recap by Sarah Tijan


HOLLYWOOD NIGHTMARE Release "Raw" and "Honest" Track 'Slow Motion' via Curtain Call Records


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HOLLYWOOD NIGHTMARE, a four-piece metalcore/nu-metal band based out of Los Angeles, released their latest single, Slow Motion, off their upcoming sophomore album being released by Curtain Call Records, Inferno. Listen to the track, and watch the music video below.


Slow Motion is an eye-opening honest track about loss. If 2020 and early 2021 has taught us anything, it's that loss is real, and those close to us shouldn’t be taken for granted. Everyone and anyone can relate to the message of this track. It’s a song that deserves to be felt at least once.  


Vocalist Kyle Davies had the following to say about the track Slow Motion:


"'Slowmotion' is a song written about the suicide of my grandfather who raised me. He was basically my father, and when I heard the news about it, I was crushed. So Scott had the instrumental written up and I knew exactly what I needed to do. In the song I talk about how I wish I could go back to possibly prevent him from doing what he did, and how I felt so horrible about it. Definitely the number one song that I feel proud of because of what it means to me. The message [...] would be to say you're there for the ones you love. Don't be a bitch about it, let them know."


The vocals are well done, strong and filled with raw emotions, meshing well with the instrumentals- creating the perfect combination of soul and honesty, demanding you listen. Not only is this song honest, it's real, it's raw, and very much so needed at this time. 


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