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I AM THE AVALANCE Drop New Album 'Dive'

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Releases New Album DIVE

Out Now via I Surrender Records

Exclusive Track By Track

Debuting on Substream Magazine

Recently Featured on Brooklyn VeganRock Sound,
“…'DIVE'’ will make you want to dive back into the avalanche.
"DIVE confronts a crushing year for independent musicians, and comes out
guns blazing, with wall-to-wall anthemic post-hardcore songs that fans
will find comfort and familiarity in." – Substream Magazine
New York, NY – November 20, 2020 – The wait is over for DIVE, the highly anticipated new album from revered New York Punk act I Am The AvalancheDIVE, out now on I Surrender Records, has recently caught the attention of Brooklyn Vegan, Rock SoundThe Hard Noise, and more. Additionally, the band has shared an exclusive track by track with Substream Magazine. For more information or to purchase the album, including a new vinyl variant, please visit: https://orcd.co/iatadive.
Vocalist Vinnie Caruana shares: "I only have bad dreams but having DIVE finally be out today must be what a good dream feels like. I Am The Avalanche has finally released a new full length record into the world and we couldn’t be happier with the way it turned out. I hope this gives you a place to go, and reminds you that you aren’t alone. This record is for you. Yes, you."
About I Am The Avalanche:
I Am The Avalanche is a force you just can’t kill. Over its decade-and-a-half existence, the Brooklyn band has routinely faced and overcome personal, professional and existential challenges. Enter DIVE, I Am The Avalanche’s first album since 2014’s Wolverines and a convincing new chapter in the band’s hard-earned reputation. Out November 20 on I Surrender Records, DIVE confronts a crushing year for independent musicians and comes out guns blazing, wall-to-wall with anthemic post-hardcore fight songs.
Recording sessions for DIVE wrapped March 15, 2020, the weekend much of America first came to terms with the severity of the COVID-19 pandemic and took shelter indoors. After some last-call lyrical additions (notably the title track’s resounding salvo, “We suffer together / no one’s alone”) Caruana fled North Jersey’s Barber Shop Studios to quarantine with his wife Laura in Brooklyn. Nevertheless, they were quickly hit with awful news. “We both got sick with coronavirus and quarantined together,” Caruana says. “Having her with me was a huge part of why this year wasn’t as dark as it could have been.”
Caruana acknowledges the good fortune of their eventual recoveries after a couple bedridden weeks, along with the fact most of DIVE’s most dire lyrics were penned prior to the lockdown. “This has been coming,” he insists. “Pre-pandemic, things were still shitty. Our country has been turned upside-down by the current administration. So the songs that sound like they were written yesterday... I don’t think that’s going to change.”
Across DIVE, Caruana and guitarist/songwriting partner Mike Ireland, bassist Kellen Robson and guitarist Brandon Swanson plow through emotional maelstroms with cutting wit and hard-earned wisdom. Drummer Brett “The Ratt” Romnes, a powerhouse behind the kit and the band’s producer, is the keeper of Avalanche’s melodic flame. The band’s mission statement is clear from the opening jolt of “Better Days” through the first line of “The Morning,” DIVE’s mountainous closer: "If I'm still alive come the morning, if I somehow make it through / you'll be the reason I still breathe; yes, I'll owe it all to you.”
Plenty of I Am The Avalanche fans have been shouting along to Caruana’s lyrics since he first grabbed the mic for Long Island legends The Movielife in the late ‘90s; with DIVE, that connection may be less tactile, but it’s every bit as vital.
DIVE Tracklisting:
1. Better Days
2. You’re No Good To Me Dead
3. Dive
4. Fake Weed
5. Love Song 69
6. Are You Listening?
7. Tokyo
8. Concrete
9. Earthquake Weather
10. The Morning
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