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This concert review originally appeared on rockrageradio.com written by Ash Cullen.

CA rockers, Joyous Wolf is currently out on tour with Buckcherry as the opening act. This four piece group is young, energetic, and is absolutely tearing the roof off on these shows.

Vocalist Nick Reese is like no other frontman we have ever seen! It is like comparing Michael Jackson to Johnny Hawkins and a southern gospel church service. Let us explain that, the swag in the way he carries himself to the moon-walking on stage clearly gives the MJ vibe. We say Johnny Hawkins (Nothing More) just from the pure energy Reese puts out, he is all over the stage doing backflips, cartwheels, and even splits! Now, let me explain that southern AG church aspect. No, Reese does not go around preaching at the crowd but he does in fact literally tell the crowd what to do (Hands Up! Clap!) and not only does the crowd do it, but they get so much energy during it! We have never seen an opening act get that well of a response from a crowd.

Their set list during the show supported their latest EP, “Place in Time” (Roadrunner Records), which gave the show a classic rock feel like Led Zeppelin, AC/DC which fans just absolutely ate up. Fan favorites included: Mississippi Queen, Quiet Heart, and Slow hand. There was one mishap during the end of the set, where Reese lost control of the microphone, it flew out of his hands and nearly hit a fan on the barricade. He apologized a dozen times it seemed, and the fan was 100% okay.

If that was not enough to make a set worth remembering, the drum solo leading up to his stage dive into the crowd at the end of the set surely would. The crowd did not catch him from what we could see, you saw the jump- the air- and then for a moment nothing, until he finally appeared back on his feet. What an exit! See the full video below, and be sure to catch this spectacular act out with Buckcherry. They are sure to do huge things in the future of rock.


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