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LASTWORLD Release New Album 'Over the Edge' via Perris Records: Album Review

Posted by Aaron Cullen on

Recap by Sarah Tijan


LASTWORLD Release New Album Over the Edge

via Perris Records: Album Review

LASTWORLD - Over The Edge (September 18, 2020) - cgcmpodcast.com


LASTWORLD is a duo made up of Jim Shepard and David Cagle, both well established musicians teamed up now releasing their second album together titled Over the Edge, which was released September 18, 2020 via Perris Records.

Over the Edge has 11 great tracks for those who enjoy melodic rock. Each track is sang with such conviction and the music fits perfectly with each lyric, like these two have written and performed together their whole life. From the first track, Judgement Day, which is soulful and full of the rock riffs that are to be expected on a rock album, to the last track Tomorrow is Another Day, each track proves to be as good as the last bringing the album full circle.



LASTWORLD is the complete deal: flawless and creative, overflowing with knowledge of rock 'n roll, solid choruses, and memorable lyrics that you want to hear. Over the Edge fits right in with your long-stay artists that you hope to hear an album from, and in the meantime, LASTWORLD easily fills the void. With a relatable sound to that of Journey and Night Ranger, LASTWORLD does not disappoint on this album.


Over the Edge Tracklisting

1. Judgement Day 

2. What If I'm Right 

3. Dying To Live 

4. It's Cold Outside 

5. Never Enough 

6. Over The Edge 

7. I'll Be Alright 

8. I'm Not Afraid 

9. Wasting My Time 

10. Too Late 

11. Tomorrow Is Another Day 


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