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Like Moths To Flames Release New Single "YOTM"

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Like Moths To Flames have dropped massive single "YOTM" today. The new track propels you through each verse while highlighting the metalcore legends' ability to seamlessly bring listeners to a melodic and catchy chorus.
"Over the last few years, you might've seen Moths posting around YOTM. We've been no stranger to hardships throughout the bands career and YOTM kinda became the motto and driving force for the band to better itself," shares frontman Chris Roetter. "Year of the Moth is about giving one more glimpse into those struggles and finally allowing myself to move on. You can either fall victim to your problems or you can work yourself out of them."
Fans can stream "YOTM" today at unfd.lnk.to/noeternityingold.
"YOTM"joins "Habitual Decline" from the band's fifth full-length album No Eternity In Gold, which will be released October 30, 2020 via UNFD. Produced, mixed and mastered by Carson Slovak and Grant McFarland (August Burns Red, Rivers Of Nihil), this is a record that showcases Like Moths To Flames like never before. Displaying their trademark foundations of incisive technical dexterity and uncompromising heaviness - all underpinned with earworm melodies - their fifth studio album is the result of challenged perspectives, fully-realized ideals and lessons learned.
Each track on the forthcoming album carries a specific weight and personal connection to Roetter, making this Like Moths To Flames' most personal and creative record to date.
"The 11 tracks focus on overcoming 11 separate issues that I'm dealing with when I wake up every day," he explains. "Most prevalently, it's about struggling with yourself and your own feelings about your ultimate worth. These songs probably showcase more of my own mind than our previous work. I live my life like an open book, and we in the band are all very spiritual people who are in touch with their emotions. I feel that is something that society neglects; we are taught to bury and suppress negative feelings, when we believe that by embracing those emotions, you learn a huge amount about yourself."
No Eternity In Gold Track Listing
1.    The Anatomy of Evil
2.    Habitual Decline
3.    Burn in Water, Drown in Flame
4.    Fluorescent White
5.    God Complex
6.    YOTM
7.    Killing What's Underneath
8.    A Servant of Plague
9.    Demon of My Own
10.Selective Sacrifice
11.Spiritual Eclipse
Fans can pre-order No Eternity In Gold today at http://unfd.lnk.to/noeternityingold.


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