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LUNGBUSTER Remind Us To Never Regret Falling in Love with 'More'

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LUNGBUSTER Remind Us To Never Regret Falling in Love with 'More'



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LUNGBUSTER released the song More on February 12, 2021, a Valentine's Day gift to the fans. To be honest, being as this is not a typical genre or style we typically dive into, we went in with an open mind giving it a fair chance, as all music deserves to be listened to. The sound and the vocals grew, and to be honest, turns out it’s a style that could be identified with, if heard by so many. Once getting through the initial difference in sound, the lyrics resonated and reflected a lot of emotions most young adults have. Heck, even us 'older kids' can relate.


LUNGBUSTER has a pop-punk sound, again one we were not too familiar with prior to this song, but upon listening to it and absorbing the message, it was like the song More could have been in our playlist all along. A song about falling in love and not regretting it; something everyone can relate to whether at a young age or old, the emotions and feelings associated with that remain the same.


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