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Metalcore act GrayWeather breaks onto the scene with “White Rabbit” - a visual decent into isolated madness

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On January 13th metalcore act ”GrayWeather” are set to drop their debut single “White Rabbit” off their upcoming EP, The Soma Collective

The name GrayWeather is a memory. Derived from "Astoria, Oregon (Gray Weather)”, the opening track from guitarist and songwriter Jared Michael’s former band, “Of Confidence”. Written in the town it was named for, the experience was often talked about as a fond memory by friend & bandmate, Molly Woolsey. Molly tragically passed in 2016, due to the struggles she faced in transitioning genders. 

Jared named the band GrayWeather as a dedication to her. A way to keep the memory of Molly alive and with him as he continued the musical journey they once walked together.  


“White Rabbit was written in a period of my life where I was feeling at my

lowest. I was struggling with severe depression and isolated myself from my

friends, family, and most of the world. I remember hearing the demo for the

first time and something in me came alive. The song broke me in a way I can

only describe as liberating. This song is an outlet to express my innermost

emotions, in this instance, the desire to be broken down and built back up. It

argues against the distorted comfort I had found in my depression. The

music video is a cerebral illustration that demonstrates the descent into

madness that isolation can send one through. It emphasizes the theme of

the song, that trying to hide your struggles from those that are closest to you

will only cause more suffering.” - Jake Mercer

After a short stint with Modern Empire Records the band Impulse sat down to begin

working on new music. During the writing sessions the band noticed their sound had

noticeably changed, it had become much more focused. This newfound mindset

wasn’t only limited to their sound however, it was also their tastes, views, and the

kind of music they wanted to craft and release into the world. Impulse decided to

then rebrand and GrayWeather emerged. GrayWeather is the somber and

melancholic gray sky found looming over the Pacific Northwest which parallels the

adverse reality that exists in our everyday lives. It is an evident concept with threads

entwined much deeper.


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