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MISS MAY I Releases "Bleed Together" Video Today - Curse of Existence Album drops September 2

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Releases "Bleed Together" Video Today!

Curse of Existence Album drops September 2

via SharpTone Records

Pre-orders Start Friday



Watch "Bleed Together": https://youtu.be/DlC8O7YwMYA


"'Bleed Together' describes the connection a parent has with their child and the lengths they are willing to go to be there for them. It is a natural instinct for a parent to want to guard their child and for some that still seems to be something that was missing in their life. This song is from my perspective and an emotional follow up to our song ‘Hey Mister’ which describes the lack of a father figure around in one's life."Levi Benton


  Order "Bleed Together" here:  https://bfan.link/bleed-together


Curse of Existence, the seventh studio album from MISS MAY I, explodes with the life experience of an established band, the uncertainty of mental health struggles, the isolation of the global shutdown, and the perspective gained from the most extensive time away from the road of each man’s adult life.


"Curse Of Existence is exactly what it reads, the curse we have in our existence. This doesn’t mean anything strictly negative, but it covers all existence that is the good and the bad, the highs and the lows, the sorrow and the joy. Everything that comes with life comes with a lesson and a price and that is what we have put into this new album. It tells our lessons over our lives that have shaped us and have brought us to the very bottom of our lowest low and the tallest point to our highest high. We know the reflection we all went through during the world coming to a halt and that experience brought a lot of these sheltered emotions to light!" - Levi Benton


Produced by Will Putney (A Day To Remember, The Amity Affliction, Every Time I Die), Curse of Existence is the sound of five people prying victory from the jaws of defeat. Unbroken by isolation, fearless in the face of fear, MISS MAY I wrestle with demons real and imagined all over the album.


Pre-order Curse of Existence here: https://bfan.link/curse-of-existence


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photo credit: Nevermore Visuals LLC


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