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NEW REVIEW: Smith/Kotzen

Posted by Pop Deflators on


Album: Self Titled 

Release Date: March 26th, 2021

Single:  Running

Order Here: Store - Smith/Kotzen

March 26th, 2021 is shaping up to be a phenomenal release day with Smith/Kotzen debut on the top of my list, which will have me leaving a coffee gift card for my mail delivery driver.  The debut album will be released with 9 tracks, featuring the singles currently released: Scars and the latest Running

Both are accomplished and well-respected musicians on their own, teaming up only adds to this accomplished status. There is no shortage of true rock and roll legend or royalty on this album. With experience and knowledge comes the unexpected. Together they have created an unstoppable force, although I admit not who I would expect to get together, but does anything really shock us these days? 

Running is an all-around good rock song, for those who like the solid so guessing rock sound. Don’t expect to hear Maiden or any of Kotzens previous endeavors shining in this song, although influential, neither appear here, it’s a breath of fresh air, new yet familiar sound, with plenty of vision and teamwork. 

To describe this song, is an easy challenge, yet still a challenge, its bluesy rock and fits with the classic rock genre, but also a great way to introduce the younger generations to rock music in general. You could argue that this could be played on almost any rock station from new to classic and be part of everyday rotation without question. 

Running is a great release from a to be released great album, coming at you March 26th


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