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Get 'WET' With New EP

'WET' - Available Everywhere NOW

September 3, 2021  -  Junction City, KS  -  Rock 'N Roll act OLD MUSTY BASTARDS (O.M.B.) have been researching at their local strip clubs and keg parties to bring you their EP WET: five tracks dripping head to toe in sex, drugs, and rock 'n roll. OLD MUSTY BASTARDS is a trio from Junction City, Kansas who combine their unmatched dirty guitar tones, blasting drums, and vulgar lyrics blended with powerful, gritty vocals into what can only be best described as the best long-weekend bender you've ever experienced- but for your ears! Stream OLD MUSTY BASTARDS' new EP WET HERE.

In 2018, after years of being a part of some bands and other projects, James Swaim (bass) took to the internet to find some musicians to start a new band. James decided to reach out to fellow musician Eric Woodard, whom he had wanted to work with in the past, but with all of James' projects and Eric's full-time wrestling, the two just were never able to. James had played with Eric's other bands prior, which made the decision even easier. The pair then searched for a drummer. After testing the waters with a couple of different drummers, James ultimately decided to ask Daniel Goodwin to play drums. This was an easy decision for him as Daniel was already the drummer for their other band HEAD:SPACE, and their styles fit together easily. Eric had this to say regarding their search to fill their lineup and adding Daniel as their drummer:

"They were all great musicians that ultimately were geared in a different direction than what James and I envisioned, and moved on to other projects. It’s like a gourmet dinner is great, I don’t mind it, but that’s not what we are shooting for. We’re making the tastiest, greasiest, lip-smacking sloppy Joe you ever had."

Influenced by older punk, pub rock, hard rock, and how they view the world that surrounds them, OLD MUSTY BASTARDS have their own unique way of creating music together. Although some songs are born from their conversations or bullshitting at practice, Eric Woodard had this to say about the writing process for the trio from Junction City:

"We don’t spend an exaggerated amount of time pruning and preening it to make it sound a certain way. We crank it out, like just shoving the combination of guitar, bass, drums, and words into a meat grinder and turning the handle until that meat comes out ready to cook up... That’s the energy. I like playing with these guys. Nothing is forced. It’s 100% organic"


You can hear OLD MUSTY BASTARDS in the upcoming Lloyd Kauffman-produced (Toxic Avenger, Tromeo and Juliet, Class of Nuke 'Em High) film Curse of the Weredeer alongside Green Jello. Eric Woodard will also be appearing in the movie in an acting role.

WET Track Listing

1, Open The Window (Fuck'n The Night)

2. Glory Hole

3. Bitches

4. Baby Maker

5. Long Song (For A Junkie Bitch)

Eric Woodard  -  Guitar, Lead Vocals

James Swaim  -  Bass

Daniel Goodwin  -  Drums


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