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OUT OF DARKNESS Announce Official Label Release Date via Curtain Call Records

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OUT OF DARKNESS Announce Official Label Release Date via Curtain Call Records



March 15, 2021  -  Jacksonville, FL  - A promise, as defined by Oxford, is a declaration or assurance that one will do a particular thing, or that a particular thing will happen. While some promises are broken and burned, others burst through from that small seed that they started at, growing upward with no end in sight. 

A promise was the catalyst behind OUT OF DARKNESS, formed in lated 2019. An all-out pulverizing and in-your-fucking-face metal act that has been compared to a heavy version of QUEEN; due to the fact they are very diverse in their sound, while maintaining the core that makes them OUT OF DAKNESS. Brent "Deadly" Smedley, renowned around the rock and metal community for the way he commands the drums, decided in early 2019 that he needed to step back and take a break after decades of touring and "living the life". Smedley was dealing with both personal and health issues, but knew that although he was taking a break, this time away would not be permanent. 



Smedley and his long time friend Rich Brown, who was also his former manager, made this promise that when he did come back, he wanted to start his own band- one that he could build from the ground up. The time had come to make this promise a reality in late 2019 as they decided to start the long, tedious search for a vocalist. Only two short days pass before Brown calls Smedley, to his amazement, to say that the search was over- they had their guy!



A single video on social media of Eric Barrios singing live left Brown jaw-dropped with excitement. Smedley proceeds to watch the video that Brown sends to him, and in Smedley's typical laidback way just says, "Ya, I think we can do something with that." Brown and Smedley reached out to Barrios in attempts to recruit the artist, which took a few tries to convince Barrios that this was in fact the real Brent Smedley in search of him. A meeting was set between the two musicians, and after just one open mic jam, OUT OF DARKNESS was born. 

Adding to the hypnotizing blend of masterful drums from Brent "Deadly" Smedley, alongside the enrapturing vocals and commanding guitar of Eric Barrios, is the absolutely vigorous and accurate work on bass from Bronzell Smith, the precise and reverberant Cody Suchomski on guitar, and rounding out the group is Shawn Johnson- providing faultless backing vocals while absolutely pulverizing the strings on his guitar. 

OUT OF DARKNESS released their debut EP Seize the Day on August 27, 2020 with great reception. You can find this EP on their Bandcamp page right now, including physical CD copies. OUT OF DARKNESS signed with Curtain Call Records in November of 2020, and just last week announced their official label release date for March 26, 2021. You can pre-save the new material on your streaming platform of choice HERE


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Brent “Deadly” Smedly - drums
Eric Barrios- vocals
Bronzell Smith- bass
Cody Suchomski- guitar
Shawn Johnson - guitar, backing vocals


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