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RATCHET DOLLS Release Official Lyric Video for "Parasite!"

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Brownsville, TX rock band RATCHET DOLLS has released a new single titled “Parasite!” through independent label, EarRiot Records. From catchy vocal chants to groovy riffs and ripping solos, “Parasite” introduces a new sound to the band that will cater to both current and fresh listeners across the rock spectrum.



"Although the song has a very uplifting feel, the lyrics themselves are rather dark. "Parasite!" speaks to us from the perspective of a person who's mental health has deteriorated from trying to meet the standards of a non-committed partner. One-sided relationships can lead to vulnerability... My goal is to try to help prevent others from having to walk that road; even if it's just one person."
Kevin Sauceda, RATCHET DOLLS

Ratchet Dolls 2020 Promo Square

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  • These kids are talented as hell! I’ve seen them grow and cycle members, but they only get better and better! It’s crazy!

    Ryan Henry on

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