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REVIEW: NEVER LOVED Goes All Rick & Morty With Full-Length Album "Over It"

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NEVER LOVED Goes All Rick & Morty
With Full-Length Album Over It

Never Loved Drop Debut Album 'Over It' - Rock Sins

Cameron Knopp, Jay Gayoso, and Kevin Blackburn, or better known as South Florida's NEVER LOVED. On May 14th the group released their debut full-length album Over It via Equal Vision Records; the follow up to their 2019 EP Never Loved

NEVER LOVED’s new album Over It kicks off with the upbeat, alternative punk-rock track that follows somebody who is stuck in their bed wishing they were dead, proclaiming they are just simply over it. This track absolutely encapsulates the tone for the remainder of this 13-track modern, to-be-classic album.

Full of pumping beats, catchy hooks, somber lyrics, and exploding with memorable choruses, Over It encapsulates the modern movement in the alternative rock movement as it pays tribute to preceding acts with their experimental sound touching back to hints of the 80s through today. It goes without saying NEVER LOVED is taking huge strides down the unbeaten trail, creating their own deliberate path.

Over It is like hopping in the DeLorean updated with bluetooth access to the last forty years, hitting 88mph, and experiencing time travel via the progression of alternative rock through the years all in one album.


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