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REVIEW: The End Machine

Posted by Pop Deflators on

The End Machine

Album: Phase 2

Release Date: April 9th, 2021 

Single: Blood and Money 


Robert Mason and friends are back with the first single from their upcoming album set to release April 9th, 2021. Some have said they are a power group…. could they be a super group? Maybe but wiser, they took from their first album and grew to create their second album, that is stronger than the first, yet remaining true to each of their talents and specialties within the rock world. Almost like they have matured from the first release, if that is possible with seasoned musicians such as what this band is all about. 

Blood and Money takes over where the first album left off yet is stronger and meatier than what we heard on the first, evolving as any rock band should. It is a guitar heavy song that does not disappoint or leave any room for doubt.  Masons’ vocals are solid and strong and are not washed out by the rest of the instrumentation on the song. 

The lyrics are a match for the guitar and bass, like the band was meant to be together, and should have been together before this, which brings to light that rock was never dead, rather dormant while bringing the forces together to create such powerhouse bands like the End Machine. 

Look for more from this album and the release on April 9th, 2021 from Frontiers Records. 


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