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RISE AGAINST Speak Out With New Single 'NOWHERE GENERATION' - Review

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Recap by Sarah Tijan


RISE AGAINST Speak Out With New Single 




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March 26, 2021  -  RISE AGAINST have released their latest single, the title track off their upcoming ninth album NOWHERE GENERATION. Yet another one from the Chicago punk rock verterans that hits home. Nowhere Generation can sum up, and probably does for metal fans everywhere, what life is like when we stand out, or are different. Our music tastes vary greatly from what is considered normal, there are those of us that don’t follow the rules; living outside the box, living differently and happy with what we have while we live our lives through that of a song. Nowhere Generation is a salute to those that are judged without reason those misunderstood by those who don’t take the time to learn or give others a chance, those that believe we can and will change the world, as well as do what we think is right, at the same time.  

RISE AGAINST responded appropriately to the question of who are we, or more adequately, who are you or what are you doing? That seems to be a continuous question these days with world events as they are. RISE AGAINST pushes that to the front of what is going on, summing up the feelings of all of us that stand up for others, standing out and trying to do what is right (whether the rest of the world agrees or not), helping those that are down, for those that are down on their luck yet still give what they can, and those that support and believe in the good in the world demanding that the world be a good place.  

Nowhere Generation is powerful in that it lets the metal world know that we are here and we will still be here when things change. We are not alone in standing out and believing, as is our right, we will always be the 'nowhere generation'. With that being said, we still have things to do and will continue to stand out- but making a name for ourselves, if we continue to believe.  


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