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Rising star DE’WAYNE announces debut album 'STAINS' - Watch music video for title track now

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Announces debut album
Due out June 18 via Hopeless Records

A lifetime in the making, alt-pop superstar DE’WAYNE has officially announced his debut album STAINS, due out June 18th via Hopeless Records. The eleven-track album blends the incendiary nature of his live show with a story that needs to be told and a genreless freedom. Instead of trying to fit into a ready-made scene, STAINS is driven by energy, emotion, excitement. “Every song on this record is urgent because it has to be. I want to put out music that feels like you have to listen to it right now.”

Along with today’s announcement, DE’WAYNE has released the title track from the forthcoming album. "I got passed up on by several labels that didn't understand me or where I could fit, which fueled my whole album, but especially this song,” DE’WAYNE shares. Fans can check out the animated music video for “Stains” (Animation/Design by Ainissa V, Production by BLK MTN) at http://smarturl.it/DEWAYNESTAINSVIDEO
DE'WAYNE’s first taste of performing came at age 12 when he got his first lead song at his local church. “Singing in front of people, fuck, I got turned on man. I was always very insecure and could never say what I felt but holding that mic, having people listen…” he felt seen. Alongside a crash course in Houston rappers from his dad, it wasn’t long before DE’WAYNE was writing his own tracks. “They were shit ‘cos I hadn’t lived,”he explains. That changed when he moved to L.A. aged 19 though.

Once there, DE'WAYNE “really went to the school of being dirt poor, learning how to write songs and about where you want to put your voice in the world.” There was a string of songs that saw DE’WAYNE following exactly what had come before, before a run of live shows found him discovering what sort of artist he wanted to be. “If I’d stayed in Houston, I’d just be my Mom’s son. I’d be doing a job I wouldn’t want to do.” Five years of searching later and “now, I’m fully DE'WAYNE.”

“Stains” joins previously released singles “Walking to Work”, “I Know Something” and recent radio hit “Perfume” featuring Awsten Knight of Waterparks from the forthcoming album, which was created over the course of six months this last year.
Moving effortlessly through an eclectic range of styles, scenes and genres, DE’WAYNE is a superstar in the making. Greatness has never sounded so good.
STAINS is available to pre-order today at http://smarturl.it/DEWAYNESTAINS.


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