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Rock And Roll Is Thriving in 2021 with TSL and Their New EP 'Irreverent'

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Recap by Sarah Tijan


Rock And Roll Is Thriving in 2021 With TSL and Their New EP 'Irreverent' -

via Curtain Call Records (Album Review)

 is a band out of St. Petersburg, Florida that just released their second EP, Irreverent, on March 5th via Curtain Call Records. Peter Klett, formerly of Candlebox, had a very important role in helping to produce and mix material, added guitar layers in the middle of the night on the album, assisted with personnel, and above all, was a great friend. The new EP is a wild ride of rock; loud, powerful rock and roll. This band is currently a hidden gem- but not for long.  


Irreverent starts out like a cannon blast with Tears or Champagne, emanating serious metal vibes all around this track. This is a song that could have been written in the 90’s that we listened to when we should have been studying or getting ready for prom. It could very well have been a hit back then, as it should be today in 2021.  


Wicked Kiss
 reminds me of everything that interested me in metal and rock music- it's raw, overflowing with passion, and touches the soul- while being catchy all in one.  

The next track, Resurrect Me, is a great ballad of sorts- minus the hair spray. Although it's not overwhelming or overpowering, it’s a swell done song that has the right balance of instruments and vocals that mesh well together.  

Leaving Alone is a great wrap up for Irreverent. Although I would like to hear more, the EP is well done, stands out on its own. This track is no different, goes to another depth that the others did not. Each track offering something different, a different feel, or a different approach to rock and roll.  

All around, Irreverent from TSL is an extraordinary sophomore follow up. It’s a rock album meant for any who, like me, haven't accepted the 90’s being 30 years ago (it was still yesterday right?). This album proves that those brought up in the 90’s rock era know good music. The rock sound heard on Irreverent is just as good, as catchy, and necessary today as it was in the 1990’s. The music is good, solid rock and roll. That never changes!  


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