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SHANE ARCHER REED - "Moving Mountains (Dammit I'm Trying)" (Single Review)

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Review by Jakob Sanchez


SHANE ARCHER REED  -  "Moving Mountains (Dammit I'm Trying)" (Single Review)


The song is called “Moving Mountains” by Oneida, New York artist Shane Archer Reed, and it has mountainous, titanic ambitions. From the catchy, classic rock-esque guitar lick at the front and center of the mix, to the booming, pummeling drum fills that are scattered throughout the track’s chorus, to the song’s music video featuring Shane playing lead guitar on the top of a mountain; showcasing he wants his music to be heard all around the world.

Shane’s lyrics focus on the amount of hardships and pain he’s had to face in his own life- whether they be friends leaving, or having to fix situations that are too big and beyond his control that feel like trying to move a mountain. Arguably the best lyric in the song is “But at least I’m not crawling from the bottom of a bottle”. The pride of not being able to turn to alcohol, or to any sort of addiction to numb the pain is in some ways a beautiful feeling, especially as it can slip into so many unhealthy habits that turn into patterns, and then finally necessities. To showcase that pride in a moment of hardship, is in some cases, a small victory.

The chorus is anthemic, and reaches its apex once the key changes in the last refrain, turning the song's overall mood from being slightly defeated and fully exhausted to finally triumphant. There’s a confidence in the way Shane sings that wasn’t there on the song’s first two minutes, and it’s all reflected in the notes being raised half of a step. The lead guitar comes back in, sounding like the hope that he has that things will get better. Shane’s lead-off single showcases a promising upcoming album, one that hopefully has the same focus on killer hooks, sharp vocals, and sublime guitar.

Review by Jakob Sanchez


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