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SIDE PROJECT Ready to Energize Pop Punk World With New Single; Sign With Engineer Records

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SIDE PROJECT Ready to Energize Pop Punk World With New Single; Sign With Engineer Records



March 24  -  Leicester, UK -  SIDE PROJECT, who just announced today they have signed with Engineer Records, is a pop punk/pop rock act from Leicester, UK with their larger-than-life choruses, unforgettable hooks, and powerful melodies that are going to resonate with their ever-growing fan base. Even more importantly though, in addition to truly enjoying the songs that they write, they believe in themselves and their sound. SIDE PROJECT even goes on to say:


“It’s important for us to write songs that we will still want to play ten years from now”


This Friday, March 26, 2021, SIDE PROJECT will be releasing their new single, It’s Not a Title, It’s a Label, coming off of their upcoming album Bittersweet. Bursting onto the scene in 2018, garnering a lot of attention and traction from their stellar cover of the hit single “2002” by Anne-MarieSIDE PROJECT have been working diligently writing new music. Originally slated to be released as an EP, however due to the restrictions and limitations from COVID-19, has grown into the aforementioned full-length album, Bittersweet, due out August 2021. 


"2002" - SIDE PROJECT (Anne-Marie Cover)


Since headlining their live debut to a sold out show in Leicester midway through 2019, the band’s momentum had them barreling towards their first UK tour until the pandemic that rattled the world put a halt to all of their shows. Over a year later, with limitations and restrictions starting to be lifted, SIDE PROJECT are gearing up in preparation to tour once the time is right and promise their performances, wherever they play, to be absolutely top notch. 


During the first lockdown in 2020, SIDE PROJECT worked on several songs for the new album, one of which is their single It’s Not a Title, It’s a Label. The song originally spawned in Alex’s (drummer) home rehearsal space prior to the pandemic, and once the band starting writing from home, it took shape and form. It’s Not a Title, It’s a Label follows lead singer Ben’s desire to write lyrics from the perspective of a fictional character; with the end result being that each song can resonate with the listener and create a feeling of “when times are rough, you are not alone”.



SIDE PROJECT draw from their faster-paced Pop Punk influences allowing the band to deliver a song that is undoubtedly energetic, chaotic in places, yet still incorporating the anthemic choruses that the band has become known for. 


Pre-Save It’s Not a Title, It’s a Label by SIDE PROJECT on Spotify now HERE




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