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SINGLE REVIEW: Heartsick Releases New Single "Thrill of The Hunt"

Posted by Pop Deflators on

Recap by: Sarah Tijan

Heartsick is back with their follow up to the 2019 full length release Sleep Cycles with a hardcore rock and metal single, “Thrill of the Hunt” is an excellent way to start out 2021, with a bit of everything in this song from strong guitar riffs, to the vocals that range from melodic to experimental at times, there is no shortage of creative genius behind this song, you can hear and feel their passion and hard work on this project. Heartsick stands out strong with this release, if “thrill of the hunt” is any indication of what to expect from the band in the coming months, we are in for a great ride and an undeniable force in the metal world. “Thrill of the Hunt” is relevant and evolved, a well-rounded song that fits into the metal scene, and sticks out at the same time, the diverseness apparent that you could hear this song at a variety of venues or stations, and it would fit the sound yet stand out.    


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