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State Champs Releases New Single "10 AM"

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New York pop-rockers State Champs have dropped a brand new single today. "10 AM" highlights the high-energy band's ability to slow it down a bit with front man Derek DiScanio sharing "10 AM might be the most experimental song we've written and recorded." He continues by saying "However, it stemmed from a simple idea to have a mellow, acoustic, feel-good vibe, and mix it with lyrical frustration about questioning your worth in a relationship and unrequited love. We were able to bring in some unique electronic elements in post production to top everything off and we're excited to see what everyone thinks of the final product." Fans can check out "10 AM" today at http://smarturl.it/SCUNPLUGGED.
"10 AM" joins "Criminal (Acoustic)" and "Crying Out Loud" from the forthcoming EP State Champs Unplugged, due out August 14, 2020 via Pure Noise Records.
State Champs Unplugged, dropping in time for the band's 10-year anniversary, is much more than a set of stripped-down reimagined bangers. Instead, the EP offers up four brand new tracks crafted specifically for this setting, plus a surprising reworking of "Criminal" and a moving new take on "Dead and Gone." It's a record that's reflective of the diverse listening habits of the foursome, unapologetic about their love of everything from Pop to Country without sacrificing the upbeat enthusiasm of the central influences that first moved their collective souls.
"The Unplugged EP is special for us for many reasons, one main reason being the writing process. We feel like we really went back to our roots, you know, just the band, in a room with an acoustic guitar, writing songs and having fun," shared DiScanio on the upcoming EP. "We tend to execute our best material in an environment that is stress free and organic. Our fans have been asking for new acoustic, stripped down material for quite some time, we're happy to say it's here."
State Champs Unplugged EP Track Listing
1.    A Thousand Hearts
2.    The Recipe
3.    10 AM
4.    Crying Out Loud
5.    Criminal
6.    Dead and Gone
Fans can pre-order State Champs today at https://smarturl.it/scunplugged.
State Champs has always embraced the idea of getting their music in front of as many people as possible. They aren't running away from the sound they've established; if anything, it's that scrappy punk spirit that drives them to continue to reach further and further. They've done pop arena tours, metal tours; they've even played a show on a beach. Wherever they turn up, they are going to be sincere and passionate. They are going to have fun. And moreover, so will you. This is an arena-ready band, capable of moving any kind of crowd, with the heart and soul of DIY freedom.


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