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Sundressed Teams up with Sydney Sprague for New Music Video "Cash Out"

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Following a breakout year that included signing to Rude Records and releasing their new album Home Remedy, Arizona indie punk band Sundressed is kicking off 2021 with a bang. The band is thrilled to share their brand new music video “Cash Out” featuring labelmate and singer/songwriter Sydney Sprague. The two took to Youtube last night for an exclusive Q&A session before debuting the new video. 

Vocalist Trevor Hedges shares: ““This is my favorite song on the record and I knew Charles Barth would have an awesome vision for this song. We wanted to show a little more of our serious side with this one and we are all so proud of it!
I’m so excited to be a part of ‘Cash Out’! I’ve been a fan of Sundressed for years and it was a huge deal to be asked to sing on the track AND be in the music video,” adds Sprague. “The first time I saw the final cut I was blown away.. it’s like watching an indie movie with all my friends in it. I’ll admit I was slightly nervous about the performance scenes because I’ve never been in a band where I don’t play guitar. I had no idea what to do with my hands! But I watched a lot of Paramore videos before I went to the shoot and I think I actually did okay. So proud of these boys and everything they’ve accomplished, I really couldn't ask for better label mates.

Living on such a chaotic planet, tossing and turning is inevitable. It’s hard to sleep in the midst of uncertainty. That’s why Sundressed was born. Lead vocalist and songwriter Trevor Hedges began his project in 2012, with the initial purpose of maintaining his sobriety. Now, 8 years later, Hedges has refocused the project’s mission, writing songs that tackle mental health issues for others to take solace in. His confessional lyrics and punk-infused melodies inspire hope in listeners to continue moving forward. 

With the addition of AJ Peacox (guitar), Vic Chan (drums), Matthew Graham, and Justin Portillo, Sundressed has never sounded better. With Home Remedy, produced by Mike Pepe, the band is determined to make a positive impact, one lyric at a time.


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