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THE NORSEMAN COMPANY Release Debut Album The Coming of the Chord: Album Review

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Recap by Sarah Tijan


 THE NORSEMAN COMPANY Release Debut Album The Coming of the Chord: Album Review


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The Coming of the Chord, released on February 5, 2021 via Perris Records, is the debut album release from THE NORSEMAN COMPANY, a Norwegian rock band not short on talent or experience in the rock and roll world. To state it simply: the album does not disappoint. Talent is alive and well all over the world, and this hidden gem, will not be hidden for long!  

THE NORSEMAN COMPANY brought to life by Geir Arne Dale (Humbucker fame), who brings his vocal talents to the table with a list of guests sharing the record. In total, 5 singers creating a well-done melodic rock album, with a little something for everyone. 

From Master of the Dark, a song that needs no introduction, the title alone does that, to Since You've Been Gone, a well put together ballad that has you back in the 80’s mourning the loss of your first love, or so it would seem (If only we could go back). Not only are there plenty of ballads and changes to experience throughout the album, but it also brings the rock that you are looking for; those songs that will get you moving, dancing and having a good time (even for those that have only a few minutes).

Some have compared THE NORSEMAN COMPANY to that of Dio, which I can hear, but also try to steer away. Their sound is unique and are able to blend harmonies and riffs to create great music. I look forward to what they release in the future, and possibly catching them out on tour in the coming years!

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  • Wow! Thank you for the nice words! Really appreciate it! Cheers from Norway!😁👍💥🇧🇻

    Geir Arne Dale on

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