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THE RUMOURS Take No Prisoners with 'Take Me Shake Me'

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Recap by Sarah Tijan


THE RUMOURS Take No Prisoners with

'Take Me Shake Me' 


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Waterloo, Iowa is one lucky area-home of the loud, take no prisoners rock and roll band THE RUMOURS who released their latest single, Take Me Shake Me, off the album Suck It. From the very first chord of the song, we couldn’t get enough of! Take Me Shake Me is everything you want and expect from rock and roll; add in the splash of punk, and it is a complete track worth checking out.


Take me Shake Me holds up to the music in the 'mainstream', if not surpassing it. THE RUMOURS are a well put together, quality mix of vocals, instruments and grit that rock was built from. The track proves that female fronted rock bands are worth a listen, they have balls, and know how to put out a kick ass rock song. Rock and roll isn’t dead, we just have to dig a little deeper to find it these days. THE RUMOURS are absolutely bringing it, and are meant to be part of the rock world- as well as be heard.


  • Very proud of the 3 of them i still can’t get enough of The Rumours 🤘

    Amie Cruse on

  • Love the grit! Can’t wait for the next gig.

    Brian McCormick on

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