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TSL Release Sophomore EP 'Irreverent' via Curtain Call Records

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TSL Release Sophomore EP 'Irreverent'
via Curtain Call Records



FFO: Rock 'n Roll


(St. Petersburg, FL  -  March 9, 2021)  -  TSL, a relatable 4-piece, straight forward, no bullshit rock and roll band hailing from St. Petersburg, Florida has released their eagerly anticipated followup to their debut EP. In 2020, TSL released their debut EP, Fun Little Lies, which was received with resounding excitement. TSL’s new EP, Irreverent, released on 03/05/2021 via Curtain Call Records, is available on Spotify, Amazon Music, and Apple Music today. 


Coming on to oversee the full production process of Irreverent was Peter Klett, legendary guitarist and songwriter of rock bands Candlebox (1991 - 2015) and Lotus Crush (2009 - current). Klett was integral every step of the way in his approach to ensure material was produced and mixed correctly, assisting in arrangements, personnel decisions, and even laying down some rhythm guitar layers in the middle of the night. But more than anything through it all, Klett has been an outstanding friend.

Recorded at Klett's studio 
City Sessions Sound, located in St. Petersburg, FL, Irreverent is full to the brim of what you can expect from TSL: "90MPH, windows down, volume at 11 [kind of] rock and roll" that is certain to get your fists pumping and your head banging. 

TSL had the following to say about themselves as they are ready to take over your speakers and send them blasting some powerful rock and roll: 


"We’re just regular guys that like to write the kind of songs we listened to as kids. ​ We hope you like it too."
- Jeffrey Korb
"Absolutely regular guys. I love to write and listen to music. Being with TSL has expanded my talents only adding us like a family with a common goal of writing music that musicians and all would like to listen to."
- Page Castle 

Expect to see TSL shows starting to be announced with the state mandates being revised and lifted in the Tampa- Orlando area as Florida has revised and lifted mandates across the state. Follow TSL on their social media to stay informed of huge news and show announcements. 

Irreverent Track Listing
1. Tears or Champagne
2. Wicked Kiss
3. Resurrect Me
4. Leaving Alone

TSL Lineup

Vocals: Cameron Canedy
Guitars: Jeffrey Korb
Drums: Luis Antonio (formerly of the Al Dimeola Band)
Bass: Adam Kury (of Candelbox)




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