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Tyrannosaur release official music video for Angel

Posted by Pop Deflators on

Philly based (originally started in West Chester in 2016) acoustic rock act Tyrannosaur released his music video for the song “Angel” off of his “Winter To Spring” EP!

The EP was released exactly a year prior to the video. The singer stated that the album is, “A theme of darkness to light. Winter To Spring. It starts off at my darkest point (a song about thoughts and a plan for suicide), and ends on a love song. The songs in between are the evolution of that one point to the next. Healing is a process. But just like winter, our darkest parts of life are only temporary.”

The song Angel is extremely personal to Tyrannosaur, as he wrote it about his wife a few months before he proposed to her. The video is beautifully shot by Wesley Mellott of Thinking Art Entertainment! It switches between shots of the singer in a gorgeous sunlit gothic courtyard, and shots of photographs of the singer and his wife.


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