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WQTR Stars and Guitars at Cone Denim Entertainment Center

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This concert review originally appeared on Degenrefy.com written by Ash Starkweather

Country fans filled Cone Denim Entertainment Center for this year’s 104.1 WQTR Stars and Guitars show. WQTR pulled out all the stops for this event including pre-show meet and greets, a charity auction with proceeds going to St. Jude, and an afterparty with a live DJ. But most of the fans were exited to see some of their favorite stars perform hit songs in the round, and we were excited too!

Luckily Ashley Monroe [★★★★] kicked the night off with her acoustic guitar rendition of “Weed instead of Roses” as the crowd joined in singing along and chuckled at the lyrics. Ashley co-wrote Miranda Lambert’s “Heart like Mine,” which she performed and won over the crowd, even getting most of the women to sing along. She even performed a song from her side band, The Pistol Annies called “Unhappily Married,” and Ashley’s die hard fans in the crowd also seemed to know it. Then she finished her set with her new single, “Simple Girl.

Eric Paslay [★★★★] started the night right off with his single “Song About A Girl,” which had the crowd on their feet. He also shared that he wrote Eli Young Band’s single “Even If It Breaks Your Heart,” and when Eric performed it the crowd broke out into pure karaoke mode. The singing in the room was louder than his. Eric also played “Friday Night” and “She Don’t Love You” which the crowd appreciated.

Kip Moore [★★★★★] is no stranger to the Stars and Guitars scene. As he took the stage, half the room started screaming for him and he was definitely a fan favorite for the night. Kip started his set off with “Crazy One More Time” before he broke into his hits, “Beer Money,” “Dirt Road,” and “Somethin’ Bout A Truck.” Kip was the most talkative of the bunch and joked around with the crowd and the other artists. He even took a woman’s cellphone from the front row and said, “No selfies for three minutes,” then continued to joke about selfies and duck faces.

Rodney Atkins [★★★★] was the final artist to take the stage. He opened up with “Farmer’s Daughter,” and the crowd sang louder than he did. He played through “Watching You” and “Take a Back Road,” then finished strong with “If You’re Going Through Hell.” There was nothing very personal about his Rodney’s, but the crowd appreciated each song and sang it right back at him.

Overall this Stars and Guitars show had a great lineup of singer-songwriters that kept everyone singing along all night. Despite that, the show lacked that personal connection that we saw at previous Stars and Guitars shows. It would have been nice to hear more of the stories behind the songs for to make the intimate connection we’ve grown accustomed to at these shows. We still look forward to seeing each of these artists and to catching more Stars and Guitars shows in the future!


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