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Wynonna and Friends at The Carolina Theatre — Durham, NC — 1/14/2015

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This concert review originally appeared on Degenrefy.com written by Ash Starkweather

Wynonna [★★★★★] was on fire at Durham’s Carolina Theatre. She walked on stage and said, “My name is Wynonna and this is my crazy story,” then launched right into “Mama He’s Crazy.” Wynonna told both humorous and painful stories, then she grabbed her acoustic guitar and played “Testify to Love.”

After the serious tune she jumped back into the comedy and said “I get paid to sing like this,” then raised her lip to produce a country twang. She joked stating that her life is a “tragic comedy” and told some stories of life on the road with her Momma. She said, “I’m going to be brutally honest. Thank God my Momma isn’t on Twitter.” As she cued up to play the hit song “Grandpa,” everyone, including the band, was having such a good time they could not stop laughing and had to move on to the next song.

As Wynonna went into the next story, the crowd could not resist yelling about how they love her and how much of an icon she is to them. She said “Get a style, so you don’t end up sounding like these cookie cutter singers. I’m blessed and broken, and this tour is a milestone. We earn the right to fight. The right to forgive, we did it.”

As the show started to come to a close, Wynonna played “No One Else On Earth” as the crowd stood to their feet and started singing along. For the last chorus she turned it over to the crowd. After the chorus she stopped the band and said, “I drove all this way for that?!” Wynonna cued the band up and had the crowd sing the chorus over again more to her satisfaction. As Wynonna exited the stage the crowd started chanting for an encore. When the band came back out, Wynonna told us how she has a new record coming out in 2015 and launched into her final song, “Give a Little Love." Wynonna and Friends put on a personal, funny, and heartwarming show that took us back to the good old days of Country music. Wynonna is a true American Icon, and we cannot wait to hear her new album.


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