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RSD: El Quatro - Displacement

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For nearly thirty years El Quatro has been the premier purveyor of a gear grinding, nitrous injected, high octane brand of Iggy & The Stooges inspired garage rock, known to fans as 'rot-n-roll.' Drawing on apocryphal Americana, urban and suburban legend, tabloid news, and a dubious longing for the heyday of Detroit muscle, El Quatro represents a musical chapbook chronicling an empire in decline... with guitars. Forged in the fallout days of DC hardcore and hailing from Arlington VA El Quatro cut their teeth at the infamous O'Carroll's in Arlington VA. The legendary shows gave rise to the Buzzkiller sessions and the cassette only release of the same name remains a sought after recording by fans. Throughout their career they have played extensively in the DC area under the mantra of 'anytime, anywhere,' sharing the stage with bands as diverse as Esmerelda, The Pietasters, and History Repeated.

In the nineties and beyond they were a regular act Iota Club and Cafe in Arlington, which produced their magnum opus Live at Iota, which was recorded via a mobile twenty four track by Doug Derryberry and mixed by Mike Harvey at Actiondale Studio. Recently they have been regular contributors to the Crooked Beat Record Store Day releases Recutting the Crap Vol I & II, and Songs from the Astral Plane, Vol I: A Tribute to Jonathan Richman. They have just finished recording seven original songs at the legendary Inner Ear in Arlington VA, and will be one of the last bands to have worked there before Don Zientarra closes shop for good on October 1st, 2021. The band has had various line up changes over the years but the song writing nucleus of Brad Wynn (guitar,) and Joel Lind (vocals,) remains constant. Completing the band is the rhythm section of Jim McNab (bass,) and Eric Kreinar (drums.) Together this constitutes the longest running and most faithful line up. Stylistically drawing from the hard and heavy bands of their adolescence and distilled in alembic of the modern world, El Quatro is the dirt under your nails, it is the perpetual beltway snarl, it is unrequited love... it is the world of broken dreams made whole again by loud, unforgiving rock-n-roll. It is truth. LIMITED to 400 Preseed and Hand Numbered