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From Ashes to New - Blackout (Black Ice Vinyl)

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From Ashes To New

Original Release:

Better Noise Music


Explicit Lyrics:

Black Ice Color Vinyl. From Ashes to New utilize their outlier perspective to break boundaries. The Lancaster, PA band churn out an anthemic hybrid of hard rock, hip-hop, electronic, and alternative with enough energy to inspire you to get up, move forward, and maybe even, make a change. The group has risen from humble beginnings to the top of the 21st century rock vanguard with hundreds of millions of streams, radio hits, sold out shows across the country, and acclaim from LoudWire, Alternative Press, and more. With hit singles like "Nightmare" and "Heartache" paving the way for this new project, From Ashes to New returns with BLACKOUT, a return to their roots, a fresh spin on the sound that broke them onto the scene. Angst and unrest are at an all-time high worldwide and so the record was written to capture those feelings, to put them into music. An album that encapsulates the distress of the 2020's with a sound reminiscent of the 2000's. Heavy driven music coupled together with angsty lyrics that all walks of people can find common ground with. Available on CD, Cassette and Black Ice Vinyl.