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PREORDER: Conquer Divide - Slow Burn (Splatter Vinyl)

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Slow Burn

Conquer Divide

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Splatter Vinyl. Mascot Records is proud to announce the new album from Conquer Divide called, 'Slow Burn'. 'Slow Burn' ushers in a new era for Conquer Divide, one defined by breathtaking sonic refinement, intensely personal lyrical storytelling, and a seamless balance between hard-hitting modern metal and irresistible melody. On this record, the band taps into a broader sound, walking a well-executed, genre-defying tightrope between pop, rock, and metal without sacrificing what they do best: writing compelling songs. "This album doesn't have any skips on it. I think every song is powerful and important," says vocalist Kiarely Taylor. "Every song has something everyone can relate to, and each of them is unique." Conquer Divide's Mascot Records debut, 'Slow Burn'.

  • 1 Side A:
  • 2 Atonement
  • 3 N E w H E a V E N
  • 4 Paralyzed
  • 5 Welcome2Paradise
  • 6 Pressure
  • 7 System_Failure
  • 8 Side B:
  • 9 Playing w Fire
  • 10 Over It
  • 11 Afterthought. Wav
  • 12 The Invisible
  • 13 Wide Awake
  • 14 Onlygirl
  • 15 Gatekeeper